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GreenFutures is an innovative five-year sustainability plan that was crafted by passionate staff and stakeholders with a genuine common desire to make public schools great – and, green. This plan is aimed at making every school a green school.

A green school is defined here as a school that provides students with equitable access to healthy, clean and energy-efficient learning spaces; Schools that provide resources that cultivate student and staff awareness of and participation in environmental stewardship opportunities such as recycling, gardens and water conservation; Social justice opportunities such as community access to green schoolyards, outdoor educational spaces and edible gardens; and, Education for sustainability opportunities – to prepare students for the next generation of green, sustainable career pathways and good citizenship.

GreenFutures is a sustainability plan with five guiding principles: Efficiencies; Engagement; Equity; Environment; and, Education. These principles guide every focus area of the plan with measurable objectives and outcomes set over a five-year period. Please, join us on this journey to provide each student in Philadelphia with a green, healthy, high performance school that promotes teaching and learning.